Water Softener Rental

Is renting a water softener the right thing for you? 

So you’ve thought about purchasing a water softener and a good one is out of your budget.  You’ve thought about financing one, but your credit is maxed out with your new house.  But have you considered a third option – renting a water softener?

The thing that usually shoots down the idea of a rental is that we don’t want another monthly payment, but do you realize that you will actually spend more money month over month in cleaners for cleaning up soap scum and hard water spots on bathroom walls and faucets and more cleaners or pumice stones for cleaning hard water rings out of toilets?  What will you spend every month as your water using appliances such as toilets, faucets, water heaters, dish washing machines and clothes washers are slowly destroyed?

Let’s use your water heater as an example.  So you move into a new home and start using your water heater the first day and, “No, we are not going to get a water softener right now because we can’t afford it and we don’t want the payment.”  Day after day you use the water heater and day after day the heating elements are packing up with scale buildup.  After not too long it is literally costing you 50% more electricity or gas or propane to heat your water and not only that, but the life of the water heater was cut in half.  In 5 years you replace it, when it should have lasted you at least 10.  The average cost to replace the water heater was nearly $700 and you spent at least an extra $25/month to heat that water.  You just spent:

$350.00 for a water heater that lasted half as long as it should have.

$1500.00 in extra gas, propane, or electricity to heat your water over 5 years time.

$1850.00 Total or about $30-$31 a month and probably a couple of cold showers!!

Now take that same thinking and apply it to your dish washing machine; to your clothes washer; to all your toilets and faucets.  Think about the money spent here and there on cleaners, lotions, shampoos, conditioners and on and on.  Consider that you will spend 35% more time cleaning your home.  Do you have that kind of time?  Consider also that your clothes and linens will only last 65% as long as they should as well.  That’s a lot of money all added up!

At this point you should know that for our Salt Lake City customers, a water softener rental only cost $35/month.  That’s about half your cell phone bill!

Up to this point all we’ve talked about is the bad things about hard water that you will avoid with a water softener but there is actually a whole list of good things that automatically come with a softener as well.  You actually trade dry itchy skin for soft skin and hair. You trade dull colored clothes and grey whites for bright whites and brilliant colors in your clothing.  You trade water spots on shower for showers that just dry clean.  You trade hard work spent cleaning for time to do whatever you would like.

There is one last perk to consider – When you rent a water softener in Salt Lake City, it does not actually belong to you, all you are really purchasing is the soft water that comes from it and therefore you are not responsible for any repairs or replacements.  You are responsible to maintain the system, just like you have to buy gas when you rent a car, but any repairs to the system are not your responsibility, neither is it your responsibility to replace the system when it stops working altogether.

The bottom line is this – Your going to save far more that the $35 you will spend on a water softener rental per month, get all the benefits of soft water.  Based around Salt Lake City, we provide water softener rentals throughout Utah and Idaho with no real upfront costs to get it, and you don’t have to worry about repairs or replacements.